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Originally Posted by parm View Post
I installed this in my e39 on the weekend picked it from Euro style (great guy to deal with) It was just plug and play you need to buy the e39 trim piece. Also it was from an
e38, now I am looking for an mk11 gps/dvd player for the trunk, Keep the stock look.
that is obviously OEM right? Does the dash have an indash CD player?

Also, I have been looking to do the same thing. I definitely want to put a double din headunit in with Bluetooth, Nav, DVD, ipod aux, etc. I've been looking at the JVC KWNT1. It is a gorgeous double din deck that cost around $1000. According to some research I did its a pain in the ass to install any aftermarket double din in the e39's. They have to do a lot of fabricating in making a kit for it. I got quoted $250 just on labour to install that plus with the aftermarket deck I won't be able to use my steering wheel controls unless I buy a module which is close to another $200.

When all is said and done I'm looking at over $1500. That is just too rich for my blood.
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