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electonics student isnt very descriptive but lets start wth complicated lol.. Im assuming this is for a e46?

how about assuming somebody can get magnetic fluid in their dampers and making the hardware for active suspension?

how about making a set of digital gauges that fit into the center air vents? (oil pressure, water temp, boost, AFR etc ...

if you need to do software too how about radar detection?

I wouldnt mind if my E30's electronics worked, how about just fixing them for me? a e30 with fully working electrics is some thing you cant find and is definately different

that was a joke. But being said, just making a wiring harness is quite the feat, if you want claim you have an aftermarket ecu and data logger, you could make a wiring harness for the car you would put them in... and should you choose something fancy theres no ened to the sensors you could choose, steering position, damper position, gear selection, infared sensors for tire temps, etc

hope this helps
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