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Support freedom ... Buy Danish !!!

Here is an article from today's National Post:

Compared to the violent threats being issued by Jihadis, the Muslim world's
boycott of Danish goods is certainly a more civilized response to the
publication by a Danish newspaper of crude cartoons depicting the Prophet
Muhammad. But that does not mean the boycott is justified. A whole nation
should not be made to suffer for the editorial decision of a single obscure

Arla Foods Group, Denmark's largest exporter to the Middle East, has seen
its Middle East market, which it has carefully cultivated over four decades,
evaporate overnight, costing the company $1.8-million a day. Novo Nordisk,
the world's biggest maker of insulin, said pharmacies and hospitals in Saudi
Arabia had been boycotting its products.

Other Danish companies have also been hurt. The full cost to the Danish
economy remains unknown, but will reach hundreds of millions of dollars
before it is over.

It goes without saying that none of these companies or their employees had
anything to do with the decision to publish the caricatures. They just
happen to live in a democratic country with a tradition of free speech. For
this, they have become collateral damage from the latest Islamist
freakout -- one abetted not only by Muslim militants but also their

So far, the Canadian response to all this has been unimpressive. Yesterday,
Foreign Minister Peter MacKay released a statement that was all too
reminiscent of his government's morally equivocating Liberal predecessors.

The statement paid nominal respect to the principle of free speech, but also
declared that such freedom must be exercised "responsibly" (after noting
that "the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed has caused offence
to Muslims and non-Muslims around the world"). Memo to Minister MacKay: We
voted for change.

Meanwhile at the University of P.E.I., editors at the student newspaper
reprinted the cartoons. But before the press run could be distributed,
university security guards invaded their offices and seized all available
copies. It was a shameful act of censorship that would have done the censors
of Tehran and Damascus proud.

For those Canadians who do value free speech, and want to register their
opposition to the Muslim world's misguided campaign of cultural
intimidation, there is a logical response: Buy Danish. There really has
never been a better time, and Danish products, in just about every category
of consumption, stand among the world's best. From the smooth taste of
Tuborg beer, to the style of Ecco shoes, and Bang and Olufsen's combination
of cutting edge design and astonishing auditory virtuosity, the real
question is why wouldn't we buy Danish?

In the history of toys, has anyone ever invented a product better than Lego?
Or Brio?

Who can top Nilfisk-Advance for commercial vacuums, or Georg Jensen for cool
understated elegance in jewellery and watches, or Lind for bed sets or Royal
Copenhagen for porcelain?

We could go on and on, and in fact we will: Vesta for wind systems, Toms for
chocolate. And is there a better producer of licorice than Lagermann?

We didn't think so.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention, and your sophisticated
palate, to the delights offered by Arla Food Group. The company offers their
luxuriant dairy products under five brand names in Canada: Tre Stelle, Arla,
Mediterra, Dofino and, of course, the legendary Rosenborg, winner of
countless "best taste" awards, from the Wisconsin Cheese-Makers World
Championship, to the Canadian Grand Prix to the American Culinary Institute.

Finally, why not also visit Denmark? It it is a splendid country, much
improved since Hamlet's day. Which is more than can be said for its current
adversaries in the Muslim Middle East.
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