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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
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Kid punches dent into hood: Does nothing

Don't be ignorant. I am an architect, not a 20 year old useless drunk thug. I most likely make more $$$ then all of them combined, and they most likely pick my garbage up on a weekly basis.

If the idiot was willing to hit my car for nothing, imagine the damage if I was actually able to get out of my car and fight with them. I guess the days of two people fighting it out is over. Kids now need a few friends and a few bottles to grow some balls.

There was nothing that I could have done not to escalate the issue further and end up in jail with them, and have cars with more damage then just a dent in the hood.

I am all for getting out of my car and having a scrap with someone if they so wish. I can handle myself. But three guys, blocking me in my car as they talk shit and hit my hood.......
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