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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
Actually, the Bull and Terrier breeds are some of the smartest (not to mention best-looking) dogs around. The downside of this is that their intelligence, tenacity, and (as I said above) pugnacity, combined with their raw power, can make them dangerous in the hands of a novice owner. Their desire for independence is often mistaken for stupidity or the inability to be trained, and can often get them into trouble (as evidenced in the OP). They require a huge commitment and a strong will/hand on the owner's part, but if properly trained they are, IMO, the best dogs to have. The really mean ones are the ones who don't get the proper balance of love and discipline from their owners.

I totally agree with you that MANY Pitbull owners are idiots, but it bothers me when people make such broad generalizations about the breed, cause it's not their fault. The fact that they've been outlawed in Ontario still blows my mind.
Oh I wasn't referring to the breed, just that particular dog. However, I might have hinted at the type of owner.

If you look up google for intelligent breeds, you'll find shepherds, collies and poodles round up the top few. But that doesn't mean that it is impossible a random pit bull could be more intelligent than a shepherd. It's all about what the dog was bred to do in the first place and of course a bit of statistics too.

I too disagree with the Ontario law. Potential owners should be certified i.e. get proper training themselves on how to own pitbulls. A typical knee jerk reaction from an impotent, uninformed and idiotic gov't. At the end it's the dogs and the worthy dog lovers that suffer.
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