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Need some advice - from YOU, e30 enthusiasts


I've been looking to buy another e30 (after crashing my 91 318i, 2 1/2 years ago) and I think I found a decent candidate. I'd like to know what you guys think about it (to the best of your knowledge). Carfaxed the car and nothing wrong shows up.

It has been repaired at a specialist shop since the end of the warranty(1995). It is sold BY the shop. So It would have a 3 month / 5000km warranty.

It's a black 1990 325i. around 161 000 km. Manual tranny. Tinted windows. Bottlecaps rims. Has Naka"something" cd player. evo3 M3 steering wheel. Heated cloth seats. Electric sunroof. Rear seat with armrest and skibag.

Repairs done:

-muffler : july 12 2007 (159K)

Dec '05 (158K):
-Rear pads
-Prestone changed
-Shifter rod u-joint(w/ever it is)
-C-clip shifter rod

March '05 (155K)
- Front brakes(pads + discs)
- front right fender(because of rust I've been told)
- gas door

Nov '04 (152K)
-tranny oil

April '04 (146K)
- intake manifold gaskets
-O-ring oil return pipe

Feb '04( 145 890km)
- TIMING BELT + tensioners

Dec '03 ( 144K)

Front suspension: 141K in '03
Rear : 139K '02

SI BOARD @ 130K in '01
Control Arms @ 129K in '01


- Bottom of left fender rusted
- Dent @ bottom of the rear driver side door + the little part of the rear well
- sunroof tabs are rusted, should be changed according to the owner of the shop.
- Need tires(winter and summer) since I'll probably drive it in winter(yeah I know...)
- scratches on rear left fender
- rear roundel is worn out as every e30 rear roundel is
-Tint is missing on rear window and quarter windows on rear doors(right side for sure, not sure about left) there is broken glass under the rear seat.

The shop owner told me it was broken into and the radio was stolen.
No accident in CARFAX, shop owner doesn't know about an accident.

- Emergency tire is a steelie... weird

Didn't have a look under the car yet.

Drove the car and it pulls strong, direction seems to be good, suspension too. Apart from the problems I've told you, the esthetic is good.

So you have pretty much everything I know on the car. Diff and clutch haven't been touched.

My motorcycle is basically sold, so I'm going to go tommorow, have a look under, ask to drive it on the highway and if(I hope) everything is fine, put a cashdown on it (so he keeps it until the bike transaction goes through).

The owner of the shop is quite trustworthy. I don't think he would hide a major problem from my knowledge. He sold his 1991 325i to my friend, the car drove like new. He had small issues with it, but it was all fixed under warranty.

So it all comes down to this: good deal or not?
The car is 3500$

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