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Originally Posted by Woofer View Post
^ true, however, it's still a valid question.

On a side note! Love the car. I saw it a couple of times at stance factory. Can't wait to see it now that it's all done!
Let me try and answer this as I was on the RTT trip the entire time.

Sia drove the car hard so it is hard to tell how good it could actually do. What I do know is even with him doing high speed runs (not all of us did), he constantly put 10-15L less fuel in his car at fill-ups then we did.

I would guess he is getting somewhere > 30MPG. The engine with all its new technology really doesn't have to work all that hard to push that old light euro body E28 down the road. With the 6 speed gearbox he put in, I bet the mileage is even better then it would be otherwise.

Again though, its really hard to tell... We were not driving for economy..
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