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sorry to revive this old post but I had an encounter with the famed SLK 32 AMG tonight!

I was making a left turn on I-m & I-16 when I was doing about 40k on a steep curve when this SLK look car came at my tail and starts tailing me, so I went to the right side and let him through but for the devils sake I got some trills and went for it, i would say by fourth we were dead even till fourth gear I gained a little bit till I almost redline and when i'm just going for fifth he chickens out and quits WTF is that? So the next light he lines up again and he spuns the wheels MAD!!!, I sware this guy is f*cked or something. Anyways, so I went my merry way and is heading on my bmw dealer when here he comes again!!! wtf, so I say ok go a head and what do I see? SLK 32 AMG I was like OH SH*T.... I taught he was driving some SLK 320 or something! I'm pretty sure he should have assrape me after the corner!!!!
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