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Originally Posted by DINO K View Post

once you change tires to a good summer soft compund tire the noise will go away and your car will def feel 10x better, the clicking in between gears is related to Front Engine Rear Wheel drive and that will never change..However, at the light.. put the car in 2nd and then 1st, that usually happens if you stop in the 3rd, 5th gear, so whenever you do so, just go thru the lower gears while your stopped, it will slip right into 1st, and the rpms, thats just cold start related nothin you have to worry about.

You shouldn't stop with out gearing down unless you have to. You should be down shifting / gearing down. That is the proper way to drive, even says so in the drivers hand book, and is what you have to do for the test. If you gear down properly, you should actually save fuel. You don't want to be doing huge down shifts, just nice small ones, as your RPM's come down from coasting.

I actually don't dear down into first all the time, because my first is really damn notchy, and it's really hard to find the gears. Need to do maintenance.


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