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SIR you want this thread for canadian cyber law stuff

rcmp serving warrants in Ottawa for downloading/uploading
seems our copyright net laws are being 'globalised'


so much for your vote counting? One man to make the decision for all Canadians!?

Johnston could be the one man in Canada who ultimately decides who forms the government if the next election produces another minority Parliament. "It leaves him having to make a decision that affects who governs Canada. Somebody has to make the decision."

A constitutional crisis likely looms for Canada's next governor general
By Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News September 28, 2010
Random breath tests not Charter blow

Customers furious with City owned Hydro Ottawa's treatment

He was stunned when he saw the demand on his most recent statement for an immediate $452.37 security deposit over and above his monthly billing, bringing it to $661.76. On his statement were words that had never been there before: Deposit amount is required due to poor credit rating.

“I do not have a poor credit rating, and they’ve never told me before I have a poor credit rating. I’ve been a customer since 1976, I’ve always paid my bills, I’ve never had a shut-off, I’ve never bounced a cheque in my life anywhere.”

The due date on his statement was July 2. He sent a cheque for all but the security deposit. “I’m refusing to pay it. I phoned and told that to a supervisor in their credit department.” AC argued his case. “It was an arrogant we’re going to get your deposit or cut your power off.”

McGuinty makes no apologies for escalating hydro rates


Last Updated: September 24, 2010 7:52pm

Do your laundry on the weekend, it’s cheaper.
That was Dalton McGuinty’s advice to Ontario families being forced to cope with hydro rates which will rise at least $1 a month to upwards of $50 to $60 annually over last year’s rates.

The premier, who was in Ottawa Friday, made no apologies for the rising rates and blamed mandatory fixes to an antiquated system as the reason.

“Let me be very clear on this: electricity bills are going up. There’s no getting around that.

Sharia Law in Canada: Honor Killing Mom Gets off: Daughter Strangled by Mom, No Time in Prison

Aset Magomadova leaves Calgary court Thursday July 15, 2010, after a judge sentenced the city woman to a three-year term of probation for strangling her promiscuous, 14-year-old daughter. Court of Queen's Bench Justice Sal LoVecchio said a non-custodial punishment would be sufficient forMagomadova's killing of daughter Aminat. (Photo by JIM WELLS/Calgary Sun)

google - latimer. he did 15yrs for the same thing -well his daughter was in a wheelchair in a near comatose state.

G20 lawsuit seeks $115-million in damages

Hospital says sorry to sex-assault victim

Women forced to wait, or go to other hospitals for crucial exams

Last Updated: July 6, 2010 9:29pm

OTTAWA - - The Ottawa woman refused immediate treatment at the Ottawa Hospital Sunday for a sexual assault wasn’t the first case in recent weeks.

“There have been other situations where patients have returned the following day or referred to Renfrew,” said Mike Tierney, vice-president of clinical programs.

Tierney said staffing shortages are to blame.

A 21-year-old woman was taken to the Civic campus of the hospital early Sunday morning to have a rape kit completed but Ottawa police were told there were no sexual assault nurses available, as reported in the Sun.

The victim was given three options: Lie in a bed until Monday morning when a nurse would be available — but she wouldn’t be able to shower — or go to either Cornwall or Renfrew hospitals.She ended up being taken by police to Renfrew to get treatment

Wait times at Civic among longest in Ontario

Last Updated: September 4, 2010 4:11pm

One in 10 emergency room patients at the Civic hospital is waiting 21.5 hours or more for admission — one of the longest wait times in the province.

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