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E36 18 Button Conversion HELP

I did the conversion almost about a year ago and entire computer has worked perfectly. The only part I did not have was the turn stalk to control the computer from the steering wheel. When I did the conversion I ran a wire to the steering wheel area for when I finally got it. Last weekend I got the stalk and crimped the wire I ran to the brown/red as the instructions on #7 state:

7. Install the turn signal stalk. Tap into the brown/red wire of the new turn signal stalk and run it to the brown/red wire of Pin 4 of X1071.

I did this and it is not controlling the computer at all. I know there is someone on here who has done multiple installs regarding this and I'm hoping I can get some help. When I crimped the new wire into the brown/red I ran an "in-line" crimp that allows the brown/red and the brown wire to allow its normal function. Should I have just cut it at the turn stalk and not plugged that connector back in?

Can someone help and be extremely specific on the OBC turn stalk portion please?

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