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Originally Posted by ALPINE_M3 View Post
Hey Mystikal - I just joined but have read your comments and your answers over some time. Great service that you provide. I am calling on your knowledge now

I have an 1990 MT2 Hartge Rep car. And I want to move away from the 16x7.5 Et25 wheels that I have on them now.

I found a rare wheel that would require a 4x100 to 5x120 adapter to fit. Open lug so no redrill and I don't like to redrill anyways.

I will be lowering my car on GC or BC or something coilover soon. Not slammed but definately lower.

Specs of new wheels and my thoughts.

17x8 et38 - Run a 18mm 42dd adapter for an effective et20
17x9 et44 - Run a 20mm 42dd adapter for an effective et24 or 22mm 42dd adapter for an effective et22.

Would this work out like it does in my head or am I missing anything that I should be aware of such as inner clearance, etc.

Would you run 225/45/17 and 245/40/17 with this setup or what would you recommend.

Thank you for any input that you can provide. I greatly appreciate it.
I would use 18mm adapters all around since you want big rubber. You will be limited to 215/40 fronts. For the rear you can go with either 235/40 or 245/35 (hard to find). This will absolutely fill the fender wells front and rear.
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