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Re: rubber seal

Originally posted by MatyBMW
Hmm, thanks

I think its probably the rubber seal around the trunk, it does have a few minor tears, one on the right side.

The water seems to be leaking only into the right rear side of the vehicle on top of the battery cover. Some of it does get into the right taillight. My sunroof leaked last year but I had that fixed, they flushed out my drainage holes and fixed the overflow tray.

Is it safe to conclude that it is probably the rubber seal?

Could be rubber seal. But I think it's the rear taillight seal. Very easy fix.

Take out light-bulb holder. (grey box)

Then there are about 8 nuts holding the taillight assembly.Take those out and there should be a foam seal around it.
Peel off the seal and replace with a fresh one that can be bought at the dealer.

Good luck.
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