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Check the rear tail light assemblies. They have foam seals that deteriates.
Check the rear trunk seal with newspaper. Really... Take a 4 inch section of newsprint, close the trunk on it. Pull on the newsprint. There should be some grabbing. Open trunk and move paper, close trunk , check,,,,etc. Around complete trunk seal area. If there is a lack of grab/seal, then replace rear trunk seal.
Check rear license plate lights, with age the rubber seals no longer seal.
Do the light test: in low light, place a drop light under the car, from inside the trunk, look in the two side wells. Sometimes the caulking brakes away between two metal panels. It will be real obvious if the leak is here, as you will see light from the trunk.
Do you have a sunroof ? Check to make sure that the rear drain tubes do not drain into your trunk.
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