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It isn't like 9stretch9 cancelled ahead of the agreed to meeting. The first time he admitted that he completely forgot that we had an agreement to pick up the parts. I emailed him after the agreed to time where four hours after he admitted to this. The second time I contacted him an hour after he was suppose to pick up the parts. That is when he told me that he "just got done work" and had just realized that I lived further then he thought and was going to take another hour to get to me (I gave him my address before the first appointment). I don't mind being canceled on but doing so in advance of the meeting is common courtesy and would have allowed me to carry on doing what I previously had planned. I was canceled on twice and I guess I feel that my time is worth something. 9stretch9 thinks that he is the only one that is busy in this world and that others should understand that and wait on him.

The price was increased for f*%# me around. Price you gotta pay as far as I am concerned.
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