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Re: Re: i got my car sharked!!

Originally posted by notjoe

When i got my car done, with the Dinan Software (not sure what you're using) i was told to drive the car hard so that everything could asjust to the new potentional of the car.

Did you have to get your tranny's software upgraded as well? you might need to do that to get the best results from your new upgrade!
for our cars E36 1996+ there are only two choices (i think) because it's the OBD II. either the Shark Injector that i got or the Dinan software download what you got. but the shark and the dinan are both around 10-15 hp not more. which is almost nothing. check this link Shark Injector

the other thing mine is a 5 speed not auto, i don't think there is a tranny software for a manual.

like i said i hope to see a difference once we go to the dyno.

notjoe are you going there as well?

we can see what our cars are different from a stock 328. and how much did the dinan software download cost you. the shark injector was after everything around 700-800
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