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I noticed that about 2 months ago. I wrote the guy last week and he replied 2 days ago... this is the conversation......

--- Randy Sparre wrote:
> To whom this may concern,
> It's been brought to my attention by many people
> that you posted a
> picture of MY car on your website. I found this
> hard to believe because I
> never recalled you asking me permission to use it.
> I don't appreciate this
> at all, nor do I have time to recieve useless mail
> from people that now
> think my car is for sale. Please get rid of it
> quickly. I suggest you
> ask people before making the same mistake again.
> wrote:

I am sorry about that- I do understand, I will have it
takin off... But, if I may say so myself-The car is
beautiful- I found it on a web site about a year ago
and thought I would remove it when some one asked me
to... would you tell alittle about the car? I read
about it in a Magazine acouple months back and was
impressed, I sell used E30 parts and acouple BMW cars
now and then-

I hope you will forgive me,but, I would be honered if
my car was listed in someones web site-It does not say
anything about it being for sale-It will be gone very
soon- Please share some info about it-My car is on its
way up that long hill-I'm having an "i" head put on a
"e" block ,bored stroked,port and polished,with a
deisel Crank,and all the goodies-bought the car for
$250.00 on ebay about a year ago and have over
$5000.00 in it...but, just getting started. Well, once
again I am sorry-It will be removed and I will never
post it again-
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