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Originally Posted by tlinkletter View Post
Well long story short that's what the codes indicated so they up and replaced them. Said my car was fixed and I took it home. Next morning I had the same no start issues. Took it back in and all of a sudden it's this eccentric issue. On top of that the only reason they dug that up was the prior owner had had the car in and this issue was on file as something discovered. I'm in New Brunswick so they are the only deal around. They wanted 4k to do the ecu and harness.

They clearly replaced or fixed the wrong thing and the shaft was always the issue based on the code. If you are not experienced enough to know that a given code could be either the shaft or motor you shouldn't be working at a dealer, that's for sure. I swear to you that mistake should not have been made by a professional.

1) Their scan tool is even superior to ours and there is no way they cannot see an issue or non issue with the valvetronic motor before fixing or replacing parts. 2) A full test procedure should have been done on the valvetronic motor as well. It was part of our diagnosis on the shaft we just did on an X3. You have to be able to eliminate, clearly they did not do that. It involves physically adjusting the motor and seeing upon turn over if the shaft sensor is doing its job and sending the proper info (valve placement).

Also how in the world did they fix the issue, send you on your way and never noticed the plug was leaking oil all the way into the ecu while under their care?

It absolutely sucks you are in this situation, not sure how confrontational you are but they would be doing something for free if it was me or they'd know how I feel.

I bet the valvetronic work wasn't cheap either and their BS excuse of they never knew it could be the shaft sensor and an old history indicated it stinks to high heaven. Someone probably knows they should have fixed it and not the motor and they are coming up with an excuse.

In saying all that your car could very well have had the shaft issue, oil and did damage the harness and ecu BUT the work on the valvetronic motor and your time was a hose job either maliciously or due to incompetence. That you may have to just accept.

Honestly, get away from that place and if you cant I feel for you.

PS the fact it played up the next day (no start) is normal. Having the shaft issue can begin as hit and miss, hard and harder starts and eventually or quickly no start on occasion which becomes daily. Before we have done this job the car would seem fine for a day the suddenly the issue. They likely played with the valve settings when touching the valvetronic motor and allowed the car to start in the right position for a while or enough to last a day.

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