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Originally posted by suicide
y would u think it would be straight install...
The answer you are looking for is NO it wont work.. but please do try it.. There is custom work needed ..
because im a dumbass when it comes to bimmers...and i dont know anything about em even though im trying to learn and have been on this board for quite some months (about a year or so i think)

i fell in love with the E46 lights back when maxbimmer wasnt as hightech as today (the website...where the video forum had the movie of randy pulling donuts near motel 6 and Bliss's E46 and a couple others)...Bliss's car is what motivated me to love bimmers so much and the clean shot right in the starting of the vid where the lights pivot down then center when he starts the car is just and so i decided if i buy a bimmer i want those lights on it ...

why i would think it would be a straight install, i really dont know what kind of install it really would be since i dont even have a E36 , im jus looking at ideas and i think it would be a mean conversion, only wanted to know what measures would be taken to have it done i.e. cutting etc...and if i do get the E36 im definately gonna do this conversion

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