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Originally Posted by Farintosh View Post
Any recommendations within the 1-2k range?
When I sold you the car it came with 15" TSW weaves right? And I think you bought new tires for them too?

If this is correct then I'd suggest holding off on the wheels until you at least lower the car. You may be happy with the overall look of the car after that and not need to invest in new wheels. You could also buy some spacers for the TSW's which would improve the look as well.

Then you could use the money you saved on wheels and tires (roughly $800-$1,000) for something else. Euro bumpers would be next on my list

If you definitely are getting new wheels then consider these options instead of those Miata weaves.

You could get stock iX weaves for a fraction of the cost and they are 15"x7" as opposed to 15"x6.5". Plus you may be able to use the tires from your TSW's. You would need some spacers to run these but it's not a big deal. And finally they would be 4x100 and not re-drilled.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with re-drilled wheels, but if you are gong to get wheels that have been re-drilled then you should look into E38 Style 5's. There's a set for sale here. One of the best looking wheels for an E30 (within reason of course) IMO.

And finally I would look into Borbet A's (kind of hard to find in that price but they come up every so often) and E's (not everyone likes them but I do, and there cheap). When I owned the car I was actually looking at buying a set of Zender Star's and I think they may still be for sale.

Or any other wheels where you may be able to reuse your current tires to save money. Enkei 92's for example. Post your tire size here and ask what size of wheels can use these tires.

Good luck, and if you need help looking for wheels let me know!
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