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Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
Are you looking for weaves only, or are you open to other options?

I ask because for $800-$1,000 you have quite a few options.
Umm I'm fairly open to options, I've always loved weaves but I wouldn't mind another cool classic wheel; Borbet type A's or something would be cool.

Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
Those look like RX7 RC wheels....

Crazazn is right, you'd have to run a spacer to not hit that strut in the front with such a sunken wheel.

I don't think they are worth 1000$ If you want something like that find a set of e30 euroweaves for cheap....
Yeah I believe they are, 2nd gen. I'm starting to find more options thanks to this forum. These wheels are going to be a community decision lol.

Any recommendations within the 1-2k range?
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