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here hockeyfan27 heres how fuking ghey it is .. i knew i was pulling anger from a recollection of 'reality'

Forensic Art: Finding missing kids with Photoshop

When a child goes missing, we usually get a photo with the report. As time goes on, though, the photo becomes less and less valuable, especially if the child was very young when he went missing. That's where age progression comes in. To come up with the best possible progressed image, we begin with a photo of the child and of the biological parent &mdash the father if it's a little boy, the mother at if it's a girl — at the age that the child would now be

We use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to manipulate the photos. We stretch the face to approximate growth, blend it with parental photos, and put a hairstyle on each child. The clothes are transformed to be more appropriate for that age. We use powerful Macs with lots of memory and speed, and drawing tablets instead of mouses. With this technology, we can complete one age progression in about three hours.

When we look at the child's face and family photos, we pretty much know what we're going to do with it right away. We try to do an age progression every two years until age 18, and then every five years after that. We continue to age progress children unless we're specifically told not to or until the child is located.
**** looks like they even used the spanish guys eyes !?
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