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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
^^^only if you are cheap and want your car held together with glue! In that case zip ties are good intercooler mounts too! lol
Reusing a stronger glue to old together an OEM piece that was held by lesser grade adhesive is a totally different story than holding an intercooler with zip ties. By that logic, why not replace the whole motor when you get a valve cover gasket failure, or a pulley breaks? Afterall, that is the "baller" solution.

And if you search online, you will see the OEM glue is not a permanent solution. They fail time and again. What is the point of shelling out big dollars on such a stupid item & replacing it only to have it come off again? The 3M adhesive solution has proven to be better than the OEM replacements.

PS. You reeeeally ought not to talk about others being cheap with their cars
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