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Originally Posted by EuroSpec_92 View Post
bull shit everything was replaced i guess..... i dont see a spot of rust and there was qite a bit in the bay "originally" i call bluff
I have an '89 Kawasaki SX650 jetski. The engine bay wasn't horribly dirty as it is a stand up jetski; so often partially filled with water and drained. (especially because I fall frequently) However, because of the constant presence of water, there was a significant amount of rust on various bits and pieces. The head bolts were the worst.

I've seen Robb post this before, not to sure where, but based on his experience I tried the WD40 on my boat. I used a rag and an old power toothbrush and the rust polished right off most of the parts I would have written off. I was most impressed with the head bolts, they look brand new and I though I would be replacing them for sure.

If I hadn't seen/experienced it for myself, I would have agreed with you, Eurospec. However, this is LEGIT.

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