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One dead after Project X copycat party gets out of control in Houston

March 16, 2012

A party meant to emulate the outrageous celebration seen in the hit teen flick Project X has left one young person dead in Texas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the young victim died Wednesday morning after attending the blow-out in Houston. The party was one of many being thrown these days, inspired by the Nima Nourizadeh comedy.

Word of the party spread via social media and soon 300-600 guests were crowding a vacant mansion on the outskirts of the city. Police arrived to shut the party down just after midnight, forcing the teens in attendance into the streets.

According to eye-witnesses, that's when the trouble occurred.

"Kids took to the streets, but the parking lot was overpacked, so you couldn't get out," says 22-year-old college student Daniel Menjivara. "It was just people in the actual street. They got into arguments and started shooting each other."

Partygoer Willie Armstrong told local news station KTRK he witnessed the actual shooting.

"[The gunman] was just walking, and he pulled out a gun and started shooting, like for no reason," says Armstrong. "He shot that boy in the back of the head, and he fell on the ground by the car. He was just laying there."
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