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whats interchangeable with e30s...

alright guys, im new to e30s and am looking to pick one up as a project. Ive done some research but still have a few questions

What parts can be changed over from year to year.

For example i know 88-91's came with plastic bumpers or diving boards. Those that came with diving boards can be easily changed to plastic's w/o much if any modification. For the pre 88'e e30's i've read both that it takes extensive work to swap plastics, but have also read that it doesnt....which ones right?

Dashboards - i know they crack easily. That being said are there any differences in the 3 series dashes from 1986 - 1991? can one from a 1991 fit into an 1986?

MIL - pre 87 have no check engine lights (if i read correctly) so how are they scanned for codes?

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