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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
I agree with Rodo on this one, 100%. People say a lot of shit to try to convince others of something when it's not their money at stake, but if you're still living at home I'm gonna assume you don't have THAT much money (unless you sell coke or something) and I'm gonna say you'd be a fool to buy a car like that. Not trying to be a hater at all, but that's a rich man's car. Like others have said, be smart and don't waste $40K (plus all the other money you will INEVITABLY need to dump into it) just to show off. And I can't believe nobody has mentioned insurance. What's that gonna cost? Do you have a (heated) garage in which to store it? This isn't a car you wanna be parking outside all the time.

I know myself that when I'm trying to rationalize a big purchase I tend to ignore or argue with those who try to convince me otherwise, so I know you probably don't wanna hear all this. But there's a lot to think about. Just be honest with yourself. Like Rodo said - if 5k is a big deal for you, despite your best intentions, the car will probably go to shit in your hands. Oil changes at the dealer will be in the hundreds, and brake jobs probably a couple grand. that's your most BASIC maintenance.....And I'm willing to bet that you're not gonna be able to work on it with your Crappy Tire socket set. There's bound to be a bunch of expensive special tools you'll need, etc. etc. etc.......
Since i live at home, thats how i could make this move, saved a lot of the years thanks to the government, also, did my thing when i was younger, once i purchase this car, a year later i can have a house... with half paid off right when i step foot in it. With a bit of help from my girl! Im not a rich person at all! so i can't say i full deserve this car, but its very do-able in my case! I like to hear everyone's opinion! I really do... But basic maintenance im willing to dish out... and if worst comes to worst and something big goes on it, so be it... gotta pay to play, a common saying around here.
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