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Well said Nick, I realized just how much in a league of its own maserati is when I went with my friend to pick up his dad's car from FoO. He was paying for having his summers put on while I looked at a set of titanium wheel bolts for $1,400.

I can't fathom how much a brake job costs at the dealer, it's just over 1k on my dad's e90, so imagine a maserati.

Like I said, if you're trying to nickle and dime by bringing one in and cutting corners then you probably can't afford it. Initial investment is only a portion of ownership costs, but mostly the only one people take into consideration. If you drive it somewhere you can't just park it anywhere so you have to tip the attendant 20 bucks to watch your car, small stuff like that can add up.

Even tires can't be cheap on a car like this. According to tire rack you're looking at around 1,500 for tires.

I understand that you'd love to have one, and 40k seems like a steal for that car, I agree. But there are so many hidden costs that one doesn't see at first, and only come to realize during ownership. You can go and buy an old lear jet for 700k... cheap right? Sure, until you realize it'll cost close to that to run per year.
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