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Originally Posted by new member View Post
Alberto, scan the car. It could be a faulty O2 sensor or a faulty ignition coil, causing a misfire. The video sounds like a misfire a bit , could be an exhaust leak but very unlikely.

SCAN your car and go from there tehre might be some stored codes.

BTW, teh sound in your video is NOTHING like the one of OP. Two completely different sounds/noises.
i scaned the car few days ago and the only engine code that i got was a thermostat failure (bad electronic control of thermostat that causes 10ÂșC higher engine temp than normal).
this rattle can be caused by old spark plugs? loose post-cat sensor? (pre-cat are tight). bad exhaust valve timing? (bad vanos seals) or what?
i will check all this things and ignition coils.
i think that the background noise (knocking like "tac-tac-tac") is the same in both videos.

and what can you say me about alternator whining? it's a really loud noise that kill the L6 sound of this car

thank you
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