Thread: 3 Series E30 325is for sale :(
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Originally Posted by noodles101 View Post
ohh haha i hear ya man, if i didn't have to pay for my own tuition fee i would be all over ur E30. . . so clean... so much work done to it ... hope it goes to a good home !!
"Noodles 101 is "bang on".....your car "needs" & "deserves" a good home!
Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
funny, sometimes I get the same impression....I can't always tell when he's serious or
References:....Scott....Jeff[ never met him in my lifetime]...[this guy "ernie" I'm still a little"[seems like a "nice" guy who "hoards & knows his "stuff.....ETC.......

meanwhile,... you should seriously consider gettn' "das uber reliable , rare, &
ultimate in [retro] comfort & safety...[not to forget to mention] "highly appreciating value'
.....EURO IX some "quality conversation piece"" I... mean", ...winter "beater"!.

just letting this furom [ *forum] know

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