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Question 1994 318iS weird differences

I'm getting confused.

I have a '94 318iS as my DD ... it is not quite the same as a '93 and it's not quite the same as a '94??? The way cool Russian VIN Decoder tells me that it was manufactured 1993-11-12. (is that Nov. 12 or Dec. 11??)

I picked up a '99 M3 so now I'm back to 2 cars and can take one out of service for a while and not end up stranded. That means I can do some maintenance items that I was afraid to start in case I had to run out and get something to finish the job... Voice of experience is LOUD ;-)

Now I'm trying to find things like belts (my 318 has 3 seperate belts), ignition wires (just changed a bad coil and the wire that went to it is badly corroded and can't possibly be sending good spark)

Wires are either '91-'93 or '95-'99 Which ones do I need? (there's over a hundred dollars difference in the low end!)

What the heck are the belt sizes??? Very few on-line stores seem to list the 3 belt ones and the few that do all say either discontinued or out of stock.

Thanks for any info you can offer, the closest dealer or independant are over 200km away (and I'm not paying Dealer's prices or Rudy's for parts)

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