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Originally Posted by BmW1819 View Post
yea well that's the problem the new cars come with a intelligent battery system where the battery ages the dme send a signal to charge the battery more so if u don't register it it will over charge your new battery yea new battery should be charge. u can go to any shop that services bmw's they may charge u
I'm not what bmws you are referring to, but the ones on this planet have no such system.
How does the DME control voltage reguLation on an alternator????

There is no way any car can tell if you changed a battery. Period.
Perhaps confirming the new batterY is FULLY CHARGED before installing would prevent from frying your alternator.
The alternator doesn't CHARGE the battery voltage... It MAINTAINS it. Big difference...

If anyone can provide me BMW documentation or a procedure for registering a battery I'll shut my mouth. Lol
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