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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post

Yeah, I actually tried Por-15 for the first time this year on my E30 back in April, but I wasn't exactly impressed with it. Usually stuffs rusts from the inside out, so the seams, channels and whatnot you cannot get into. Even with a few coats of Por-15, and half a year later you can see traces of the rust coming back out again. It only works IF you can coat the entire area that is affected 100%, otherwise it is no better than regular paint. If you could dip the car, or at least the bottom of it, then yes I would agree that would definitely be a better option. But insides of rockers, frame rails, etc I can't get to.

The surface rust areas like the outer body I will just wire wheel, and primer/paint over. With a few good coats of paint (both sides), it should seal it well enough to stop the rust. Tremclad FTW!
Rust on seams are difficult ... almost impossible to fix without replacement or cutting it out and rebuilding it. That's the fate of a lot of e30's & eE36's... door seams rust like crazy.... Rustproofing really does help that!!!!

The surface rust... Por15 is best for that. It works!! Wire wheel it, por15 marine cleaner, por15 metal ready, then por15.. then primer or tremclad.
(Also have to follow instructions carefully... and don't contaminate the product).

I can't weld yet... so I picked a body that had good doors (seams), and very little surface rust.

Good project though.... great work.
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