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You can't visibly check for cracks. NEVER overheat a BMW engine. might be lucky "MIGHT" that you didn't warp the head but there is a good chance you "might" have. Check your oil for anti freeze going in. if the oil has a milky color then your SOL. this will be a sure indicator the head gasket is leaking or head is cracked or warped. Another indication will be antifreeze consumption. now that you ran it into the red twice???? it would be a miracle that nothing has gone wrong. these motors are very temperamental.
Replace your fan clutch, and then keep close eye on the coolant level, oil condition, white smoke out the tail pipe(sometimes a sweet smell) if there is any. performance of the car and the temperature gauge while driving and sitting.

Then go forward with the coolant system pressure test. you can check the rad, the reservoir

I think I've had 18 bmw's in 6 years.

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