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Then I decided to hit the strip, Coastal Highway. From 8am to 4am there are cars cruising, racing, drifting, or otherwise hanging out on this road hoping to land a few more eyes on their creation. It's magical.

Immediately after pulling onto Coastal, this Datsun had me breathing funny.

Oh my god those flares. And steelies. Just perfect.

Conversation went like this:
"DUDE your overfenders look ****ing sick!"
"NO WAY your wheels are insane dude!"
"Hahahaha your car though!"
"NO DUDE your car! Hahahahaha!"

Anyone sane would think we were on something. And we were. H2Oi.

Then it rained for the rest of Thursday, like noon till Friday morning. I put the camera down and raised the cups up. Right on time, I was hungover to all hell Friday. Ah, youth.

But that was okay, because I had to sit at the house all day and wait for my shipment anyway. At 4pm right around when I started to feel my head again the UPS driver showed up with presents:

NIB 3-pc Shelby Series Ones!

The second I was done unboxing those I ran to the car to hit the strip. Very glad I did.

kacperskates' shoe. OCMD iconic water tower in the back.

Dakar Yellow II Individual M3 vert!

Up and out early Saturday morning I spot Olek's new E65. This guy used to organize the Outcasts meets at H2Oi every year, good dude. maXbimmer old heads may remember him as the guy who bought AndreNY's black E39 540 with the boser hood.

Back at the house we had visitors. Look at the quality of this build.

House status. Mike looking scary.

Back onto Coastal with Matt.
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