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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
Not that I know any better, but if that happened wouldn't the signal to the WG drop, causing it to partially close thus causing boost to build back up again and finally reach an equilibrium?
No, It would actually cause boost spike at higher RPM's and or more strain on the motor. I built a nissan 240 for a customer with a RB25 skyline engine and he brought me a manifold that had the same style wastegate design as you made yours. after everything was all together and we were tuning the car on the dyno, everytime we would hit boost it would creep and then drop off after reaching full boost 25psi. took a while to figure it out, but after pressure testing for leaks and changing the wastegate, it still did the same thing. so i desided to take the manifold off cut the wastegate pipe and redesign it. installed the first wastegate tial 44mm and boost no longer creeped or dropped off. it would just go from 0psi straight to 25psi with out a pause. Like i said just food for thought! i only give my input on personal experience.
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