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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
I believe he's saying that the runner for the waste gate should enter the manifold at more of an angle wrt the exhaust flow so that the exit path is not too direct because in certain circumstances it will cause the boost to drop when the wastegate opens until the system can catch up. Obviously for your current set-up it's not an issue.
Yes Bullet ride, That is absolutely correct, A wastegate is used to control boost pressure in turbocharged engines. The waste gate is a valve that bypasses exhaust gas around the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. It is the flow of exhaust gas that causes the turbo to spin which produces boost pressure. In a simplified view, the more exhaust gas the higher the boost pressure. The waste gate opens to vary the amount of exhaust gas that reaches the turbo, which controls the turbo speed and hence the boost pressure. If the wastegate is in the direct path of the exhaust flow then it will possably allow less exhaust gasses into the turbo and more out of the waste gate, which will cause the boost to drop off after the wastegate opens fully. I hope this helps.
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