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Originally Posted by aviator View Post
Why not go to the BMW dealer in barrie? the one next to the 400... they offer a discount to maxbimmer members and an alignment is a "basic" service can't think a dealer would be any much more than a good independent shop... an alignment is an alignment nothing has changed up front it's still all tie rods etc.o matter what kind of front end you have... turkey was probably worried about having to use a torch to free up any seized parts...
I went to Barrie Frame and Alignment. They charged just over $90 and did a good job of it. I was in and out in ab out an hour. The guy had no issues. Georgian wanted $165 plus tax. How much is the discount for MB members? I just couldn't justify paying double once taxes were factored in when that other $90 can be spent elsewhere.

@Bullet Ride - Your brake line set up: So that is for the rear lines right? I was reading somewhere that if/when those rear lines have to be done, they are a real bitch because they pass through the subframe (?) somehow, right? So you just bypassed that and went around? Some more details on this would be greatly appreciated. Looks great BTW.
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