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"Ontario's restaurant and bar owners - and those who like to frequent them in the summer - are raising concerns about a new patio tax hidden in the McGuinty government's 2011 budget released earlier this week. Effective Friday May 20th, anyone eating or drinking on a restaurant or bar patio will have an extra 3% tax added to their bill. Party officials say outdoor patios are harmful to the environment citing waste that blows from tables and emissions released from outdoor heaters. Opponents to the bill accuse the grits of gouging patrons who want to enjoy the outdoors as they eat or drink."
has anyone else heard about this &(%(&%$ing new tax.whats next a tax on razors.for those who shave their pubes,the extra hair is clogging up the the gov't will have to set up a new task force of 200 highly trained staff and do enviromental testing and research studies on the impact to our society.
f.uch the gov't,when are people in this country goin to put an end to this BS.get your hand out of my pocket,you greedy motherfuuckers.
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