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Headlight polishing and repair. Excellent work! GTA Headlight Docter

So I didn't really want to dish out $2400 for brand new OEM headlights from the dealer (Nor did I want aftermarket replacements) so I asked around and found these guys.

GTA Headlight Docter just northwest of King City (HWY 400 @ king road)

For those who want to keep their oem headlights, and want them looking brand new, I highly recommend this place!

I've had a lot of my cars done at bodyshops and detailing friends but no one could get it quite right and looking nearly brand new. On top of that my ZHP's facelifted lights only come brand new as a complete headlight. No replacement lenses for me. SO for those who are in my boat, I've found the best solution. Their work is phenominal, they're a fully insured shop offering vehicle pickup from anywhere in the GTA and Toronto with their insurance and dealerplates. They mainly work for dealerships but are also available to the public and car clubs. You can also drop your car off for the day at their shop if you feel more comfortable doing so.

My driver side headlight was internally damaged so the entire inside was wobbling around. No one was willing to touch the headlight except for these guys. They properly removed my headlights from the car so the front end wouldn't be damaged, They fixed the broken plastic tab inside keeping the headlight leveling system intact and level, properly cleaned in the inside of the headlights, and put everything back together properly and made the outside look nearly perfect for $400. A bodyshop or other people I know of would of easily charged me twice as much to do the same work I know. Their prices vary depending on car to make the headlights look new, but they're very reasonable compared to everyone else I've dealt with, and most of all this is the best work I've seen in Toronto/GTA period.

I'm so impressed with the quality of work, I asked about a groupbuy for friends and people here whom are interested in their service! So we get a deal, and make the front end of our cars look 100 times better! I have more cars to give them, and I figured I'd ask here if anyone's interested.

PM me for my number and we'll set something up!

Make your headlights look almost brand new Groupbuy Interest:

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