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Originally Posted by icedragon
All Canadian E90's made in Germany.
Some American E90's made in Germany, many made in South Africa.

Some of the E90's built from May 2005 - August 2005 had some minor electronic problems. These problems fixed on E90's built AFTER September 2005.
Mine is made in Munich and it should be en route now. Will get my E90 in 2 weeks I guess. BMW has so many shipment coming to Canada, and since its a high demand (like bread and butter for them, especially for the 2006 E90). I've been waited since Feb 13, and its been 2 months now. Its definitely worth the wait. Just have to tell them what you want to done to the E90 before you go pick up the car. I have a feeling that I have to remind them again and again to have minor details done (like change the black grill to chrome grill ... add ipod interface ...etc) .. but I am still very exicted since ... but waiting .. is horrible ...
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