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Force Feeding Black Power!!

Hey friends! got my self a 90' 520i at the beginning of this winter for $800! it has a very unique m50"B20".... yes a 2.0L.... in a 3500 lbs car lol... with 150hp u bet its 2.sloooowwww.... I've decieded to give this e34 some force feeding by adding a turbo! the plan is to lower the compression by swaping out the pistons wit some forged low comp ones. ill have to get them custom as it will be hard to find some 80mm/bore forged pistons but ill talk more about that later.... this is what my baby looked like when i bought it!!

Dont Mess Wit Ma Nona!

This is it now, after lowering it on h&r sport springs and bilstein touring shocks and tinting the wndows all around... oh and put some cheap summer 17x7 wheels....




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