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E60 vs E39

I am looking to buy a used BMW. My budget is $15,000. I've owned E39 525i and 530i in the past. I am wondering if I should stick with the E39 or make the jump to the E60!

Here is what I am thinking.

-Handles amazing.
-Most engines burn oil.
-Come with good options.
-Finding a car without rust is tough!

-Not a fan of its handling (everything is too soft in comparison to the E39).
-Modern look.
-I can easily find one with no dents or rust.
-For some reason most of them don't even have the PDC option!

I am torn between two cars:

2002 E39 540i sedan with 140k, M-trim ($9,000). No rust, no scratches, (one little dent that's barely visible, I can live with that). AMAZING steering feel! Not as communicative as the 525i & 530i I've owned but very direct and tight (not heavy, just beautifully weighed)! And I want the V8 engine! But I've heard bad reports about the V8 engine having many problems. Of course, I will take it for inspection before I buy it.

2006 E60 530xi wagon with 175k, FULLY loaded ($11,000). Body in perfect condition. And it has all the options you can get in a 5-Series, and I like the wagon (don't judge me! haha! But it will be the only family car so a wagon will be very useful.) The X-drive will make it safer; I love the E39 but I had a couple of close calls with mine. (Slightly cheaper insurance than the 540i above). The problem: 175k and the place is in Hamilton so if I buy it I probably won't bother bring it to my mechanic for inspection. So it's kind of risky.

What are your thoughts? Cons vs pros of the E39 and E60 from especially E60 owners is much appreciated!
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