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Originally posted by NOTORIOUS VR
nice... thanx for the reply... ya I think about the same... full T4 with around 12-15 psi shouldn't be much of a problem as long as the tuning done right... the 8.8:1 CR is pretty good for turbo since it's low enough to leave some margine for error, but high enough to have lag at a minimum...

Do you have a link to this SMT6 piggy back system? May I ask around how u paid for it?

And no.. the sig is not my car... It's just a random E30 M3 pic that I found somewhere (might even be from here) that I use as a sig
look at SMT6 I bought the unit from Gunni, a guy who live in south Africa, Iceland. in he is in r3vlimited, a group of buyers, inlcuded me bought some units, like 6 or so...he gave us a special disscount since we were a group buyer, ask there, many members are trying to creat a new group buyer for it...if not talk to gunni at his msn...(PM to give it to you)

Mine costed me arround360 or so, can't remember shipped to my door.
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