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Originally posted by diegom6
I ran once 10 PSI was amazing, pull very very hard, I think with 10-11 PSI this engine should be doing arround 240 RWHP or 260 HP or so...

Mine is stock, stock CR wich is 8.8:1 pretty nice CR for turbo. I think this engines can handle up to 15 PSI with out major problems, another guy was runing 14 PSi and was doing arround 270 RWHP like 300-310 HP

With good fuel, well intercooled (even when my IC sucks(soon will be upgraded) ) runing 10 PSI with 21 LB/h injectors with FMU 10:1 wasn't pinging, runing with the stock advance and stock ECU

I'm almost finishing installing my SMT6 wich is a pyggy back system and leave me to tune all the parameters of the engine, you can advance for example the spark from 1k3k RPM for fast response and then leave it stock or retard from 3K RPM & UP, play with the duty cycle of the injectors, O2 sensor and many others included swapping a nice E36 MAF.

Oh BTW....that's not your car in the sig??
nice... thanx for the reply... ya I think about the same... full T4 with around 12-15 psi shouldn't be much of a problem as long as the tuning done right... the 8.8:1 CR is pretty good for turbo since it's low enough to leave some margine for error, but high enough to have lag at a minimum...

Do you have a link to this SMT6 piggy back system? May I ask around how u paid for it?

And no.. the sig is not my car... It's just a random E30 M3 pic that I found somewhere (might even be from here) that I use as a sig
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