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Originally posted by ZiMMie
refer to this post for more info. always wanted to see a turbo slam on the m20 but never got to do it.
Thanx for the links man... but maybe some external sites perhaps?

Although it seems on the M20 I'd be fine with around 7-10 psi (intercooled of course)... one restriction I can see would be the AFM, I know on my previous E30's it's very restrictive!

Can anyone tell me the years of which E30's cam with the motronic engine management? That would be ideal, since I know someone that can tune the motronic system (on a dyno) and burn a custom chip for my boosted application. So even if I get larger injectors and use an FMU I can taylor the timing to match.

What I really would like to know is the limits of a boosted M20... has anyone seen any claims of 300+ WHP on a stock motor?

I think that the motor should be able to handle it, the straight 6 design gives the motor quite a bit of strength... and by addressing the fueling issues and proper tuning, I'd like to think 300 WHP is possible.

Also, can anyone tell me if there is a way to replace the AFM with something else, like a regular MAF from say a Mustang or other euro car with Motronic management? Say like and Audi S4?
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