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Turbo E30 options?

Ok.. now I've been curious as to how much potential there is in the 12V 2.5L in the E30 w/ forced induction...

I know it's been done... but honestly... what are the limits of the motor in stock form? I know the compression on the motors is fairly low to start, but how does the head flow? and with some porting and matching, how well could it flow then?

Would it be worth it to swap in a 24V? I'm sure it flows much better, but if the 12V can make decent power, I have no problem leaving it in the car.

Are there any sites on E30 turbo's? Information, how to's? Build up's? I'd really be curious on how much boost I can run safely on the motor with compleat stock internals... Full T4 should be about right for the size of the motor...

I know my buddy with his 12V VR6 @ 7 psi makes 270 whp, his motor is compleatly stock, but I also know that the VR's are pretty beefy to start with.

Anyone else have any insight?
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