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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
One more proof that nobody knows what is going on with this system!

On the paper i got (two weeks ago) it clearly states that "the conditional pass is valid for ONE year, on renewal (not tranfer) ONLY.

2 hours later, at the DMV, i got issued a 2 YEAR sticker!!!


This is the biggest FAIL in government systems in a LONG time!!!!

I thought this was standard.... I was told this when I imported my car.

You only need a "valid" emissions pass to get the 2 year sticker, it doesn't need to be valid for all 2 years (however its interesting it sys you cant "transfer" the car so you cant sell it with that emissions check).

So I bought my car in July 2012, I had an emissions then, I got a 10 month sticker, then may 2013 I get a 2 year sticker with the same emissions I used last year, as it was still valid for that 1 year, it didn't expire till July2013. So with that 1 emissions I did in July 2012 I now have a sticker till may 2015.

May 2012, they didn't ask for the emissions, as they already know the one I had was valid for 1 year!.

They actually told me to do that.
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