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I almost lost a potential car that I wanted to buy do to this darn test. I didn't want to buy it and be stuck with it if it didn't pass. I bought a odbdII reader and got the manufacture drive cycle test which it worked but what a pita !

Mine was a pcar but BMW cycle worked ! After 4 failed emissions tests and a lot of driving by seller.

Start engine, idle cold for approx. 2 min, 10 secs.

Accelerate to 20-30 MPH, Maintain steady speed for approx 3 min, 15 secs.

Accelerate to 40-60 MPH, Maintain steady speed for approx 15 mins.

Decelerate and come to a stop. Idle in gear for approx 5 mins.

Following the start engine phase the sequence of test conditions may interchange.

routine will be discontinued whenever:

Engine speed exceeds 3000 RPM
Large fluctuations in throttle angle
Road speed exceeds 60 MPH
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