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Originally posted by M3ntal Kev
Your written-off car will undoubtedly cause rate groups for BMWs to up.
so you want me to buy a honda?

and why do always people talk about crashing??? just cause i drive fast does not mean ill crash. it just means if i do crash it will be much worse. hey im paying $5,500 a year as a 2nd driver with a G for insurance. WHY? cause im a teenager. i pay for the ****in scratches and dents that people do to my car, and if i let insurance do it, it will go up by a thousand for no reason. what do i need the insurance for then?? the gov is forcing us to pay these idiots so they make some $$$.IF i crash, id rather crash on a public road and let those ****ers pay every single penny i put into the car. i pay them, they pay me.
trust me, if i had an option of not having insurance, i wouldnt get it, and no one else would be affected if something happens. if i crash and im at fault, then im at fault and im the one who's paying.
and im not one of these woodbridge typical drivers who think theyre montoyas on the 401.

listen man, i dont mind going on the circuits or tracks, but sometimes when i drive at night and the road is empty, its just asking me to go fast. and i dont do it to show off either.

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